"You need to hire this amazing woman! She is wonderful and I cannot imagine my birth journey without her. She was there every step of the way through a very long (30 something hours active and weeks of early) labor. My labor was tough and not at all what we expected or planned for, but Kassy kept us calm, informed, and made sure we felt empowered to make our own decisions. Even after the birth of our daughter, she was there to help us process our experience and answer any postpartum questions. She was a huge support to me and my husband! My only regret is not hiring her sooner. Kassy was born to be a doula and will do everything she can to make sure you feel supported and empowered in your birth journey. We love you Kassy!"

-Chelsea M.

"Kassy saved my sanity. At almost two weeks overdue I was beyond frustrated. Frustrated with my pregnancy and frustrated with every single person who kept asking me if I was still pregnant and when was I going to have that baby already?! Kassy kept me sane. She talked me off an emotional ledge more than once and gave me a safe place to vent. She was an amazing source of helpful information regarding pre-birth exercises and relaxation techniques. When I finally ended up at the hospital Kassy was an amazing support during an intense physical ordeal. I would recommend her to anyone as a fantastic Doula whose passion for what she does shows through every aspect of her services. She has a generous heart that goes above and beyond. She will not only support you as a pregnant woman but your entire family. I cannot say enough about how awesome she is."


-Rachel C. 

"Hiring Kassy was seriously one of the best decisions we could have made during our pregnancy. She was there for us 100% the second we hired her. She helped set us up with private birthing classes we could take at home that would prepare us better for an unmediated birth (highly recommend Karen Walker if you’re looking). Really important for me was the emotional support as we navigated the anniversaries of our losses and doctor appointments that freaked me out or rubbed me the wrong way. She advocated strongly for us in the hospital and helped keep me calm when we had the rudest on-call delivery doctor ever and ended up with an episiotomy after 3 hours of pushing. And she helped make sure my husband remembered to take care of himself during our long labor too!"

-Amy K.

"Kassy was our doula for the birth of our son - and even in the middle of the pandemic, when birth plans had to be changed last minute and hospitals were locked down, she made my husband and I feel very supported and helped guide us through the process so we could focus on our beautiful son. The photos she took of him are amazing, and I am so happy we were able to have her help us through those early days so they could be a positive experience. The memories she captured for us are absolutely priceless."

-Whitney J. 

"My husband was not onboard with hiring a Doula before we had our consultation with Kassy. He didn't understand what a Doula could offer that a nurse wouldn't. Once we met with Kassy, asked all of our questions and learned about the evidence based research about the positive impact of Doulas, he instantly knew that we needed to hire her and felt so much more confident going into the birth of our firstborn with her there to support us.

We are so thankful we found her! I had a very normal and low-risk pregnancy and was planning to have an unmedicated hospital birth. My body had other plans. I was induced at 42 weeks, and labored for 2 days (receiving an increased amount of meds and interventions every few hours). My body didn't respond well to some of the protocols, I had Chorioamnionitis, a narrow pelvis and a baby in a less-than-ideal birth position. I ended up birthing our son via cesarean.

Without the birth education, pain-management techniques and the counsel that Kassy gave to us prior to our birth experience, I would have been a wreck as nothing went as I had expected. Because of Kassy, my husband and I were confident enough to make informed choices at the hospital, give pushback where necessary and ask for other options, more time, or second opinions.

The tools she fitted us with were invaluable to giving us what was ultimately a very positive and beautiful birth experience. Hiring Kassy was the best investment we made for our new family of three!"

-Jordan W.

"I had no idea I needed a Doula until I asked Kassy to assist with my home birth. Kassy was very supportive of how I wanted to deliever my 3rd baby and she made sure I got what I wanted when it came time to deliever my 3rd baby. She was the first to arrive when I was in active labor and she remained calm in the whirlwind of my birth. She was ready to deliever the baby herself until my husband made it home. She was an amazing support during the prenatal appointments, labor and the post partum journey. Kassy is worth more than her weight in gold! I highly recommend her for any part of your pregnancy journey!"

-Courtney H.

"Kassy is such a patient and quiet presence which was just what I needed for my fourth home birth. I unfortunately used a midwife who was not very present in the whole process but Kassy really stepped up and provided me with the quiet space that I needed during labor. She was more aware of some of the subtle complications that were arising and even though mine was only her second birth she alerted the midwife to some things that just didn't seem right to her. I never thought I needed a doula until I had Kassy at my delivery. She's a rockstar!"

-Kimberly H.

"I chose Kassy to be my birth doula while I had prolonged morning sickness through most of my pregnancy. She was there for me not just through my delivery but every step of the way. She helped me cope with all the changes and struggles of having an abnormally difficult pregnancy and was such a comfort. Then when my pregnancy became high risk she was there for me all the more. She often sent me links to valuable resources so that I would be as informed as possible. She attended my baby showers and showered me with love, including handmade matching headbands for my baby girl & me. She mothered me, counseled me, listened to me while I ranted and complained, and coached me in advocating for myself. She visited me during my hospital admissions, brought me flowers. When one admission turned into a 40 day early delivery she cleared her schedule to be with me for the 2 days of induction. She partnered with my husband, which made the ideal birth team to get me through a very anxious and painful high risk delivery. Kassy created a soothing birth ambiance in my delivery room that had nurses and my family impressed. I know she'll continue to support and uplift me during my postpartum season. If you're considering a doula Kassy will go above and beyond to be whatever you need her to be for you."

-Amanda F.

If you are expecting a baby, I highly recommend you get in touch with Kassy. After one conversation with her you will see how passionate she is about birth and how sweet of a human she truly is. Kassy was so positive, informative and encouraging from the months before giving birth, during labor and delivery and all the way through postpartum. I was extremely grateful for her knowledge in different techniques to help me with my lower back pain during the last few months of my pregnancy - including the use of the rebozo. I was unsure of what my experience would be like with a doula but both my husband and I are so very thankful that Kassy was there for us every step of the way. 

-Michelle R.

"Working with Kassy was an absolute blessing. We engaged her services for prenatal education, newborn photography, and postpartum care. With carrying my first child, I naturally had trepidation and I had no idea what to expect for labor or postpartum. I was drawn to Kassy's postpartum packages because I knew that with family out of town and my husband not able to take significant time off work, I would need the help. It was such a blessing having Kassy with me to monitor my emotions and mental health during those first few weeks after birth. It was also just fun having someone who understood what I had just gone through and could answer any random questions that I may have had. I had a lot!

It was also a huge blessing to have prenatal appointments where we learned about labor and birth. It helped us to understand what we needed to do to prepare and it helped stir conversations between my husband and I regarding postpartum that we hadn't thought of.

We also loved the photos that Kassy did. She truly has an eye for capturing candid life and that's exactly what we wanted.

Sure, you can google anything nowadays but when you're exhausted, fatigued, and carrying a 6-10 pound baby, you want someone available who can tell it to you straight and can support you unconditionally. Plus, Kassy is just a super sweet and chill person. You'll have fun with her, I promise!"

-Ashley C.

"I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and had no intentions of having a doula. I mean, it was our third time, we knew what we were doing... right?

I progressed VERY fast and was having painful contractions (lovely back labor). The epidural was in and Kassy came back in the room, but it was only working on the left half of my body, so I was still feeling everything on the right side (that didn't happen with my boys). I was SO GLAD Kassy was there. She was comforting, her voice was soothing and she was so supportive. My husband was supportive too, but in a very different way. I could tell when the next contraction was coming and Kassy never left my side. She was informing me of what was going on around me and constantly asking how I was doing. The nurse I had practically stood at the computer typing the whole time, I couldn't believe it! What if Kassy wasn't there?

Kassy held my hand and helped me focus on breathing and really helped me relax, even with the doctor and nurse preparing around me. Once I was at 10 and ready to push, I ended up waiting almost 40 minutes for my mom to get there (true love). Kassy kept telling me how strong I was. She would soothingly talk me through each contraction and help me focus on breathing. (Bonus of waiting for my mom, the epidural eventually helped the right side, but not fully).
When my mom got there and it was time to push my husband came to my side and Kassy stood next to him. It was such a beautiful experience. When I made the final push and the baby was out we all anxiously waited to hear the gender... The doctor had my husband announce it, "It's a GIRL!" 
Kassy didn't stop when she came out either. She reminded us about delayed cord clamping and instantly asked if I was ready for skin to skin. With the emotions of it being a girl and finally having my baby here it was wonderful having Kassy reminding me of things I wasn't even thinking about. She encouraged me to try nursing very quickly after birth and was there to help support me and make sure we got a good latch.
Kassy was on my side the whole way and I was always her top priority and focus. I was so blessed to have her there and I am so grateful she was a part of my birth story!

The only thing I would change about my experience is I wish I would have told Kassy to come to the hospital sooner. She was willing and offered many times, but I wasn't sure what was going to happen so I had her wait to come until I was being admitted. That is my biggest regret. I also wish I would have known how much I loved having her there. I would have had her at all 3 of my births!!

If you are thinking about a doula, I highly recommend Kassy!!!!

Thank you Kassy, for everything!"

-Ashley W.

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