About Kassy 


Hello, and welcome to Bloom and Blossom!

 My name is Kassy. I am a wife, a mother of two, a photographer, and a doula. 


I gave birth to my daughter when I was 22. Pregnancy and birth was not at ALL what I expected! I had a high-risk pregnancy and delivery that left me with some emotional scars. Postpartum was also a difficult adjustment and I felt the pressure to "be ok". For the birth of my son I had a doula, and what a world of difference it made! I still had a high-risk pregnancy, but I was educated, supported, empowered, and could better advocate for myself and my baby. My births were very similar, but how I feel about them is very different.

I have a passion to come alongside families so they may have birth experiences in which they feel supported, educated and empowered; no matter how their babies are born. I believe that having the knowledge to make informed choices in birth shapes who you will be as a mother. I believe that bringing a new baby into your family and becoming a parent is a tender, transformative time and I aim to provide the support needed to ease that transition. 

In May of 2018, I decided to partner with Sara Kate, a fellow doula in Fresno and together we created the Fresno Birth Collective. The Fresno Birth Collective is a diverse group of birth workers in the Central Valley who are passionate that every family deserves access to quality resources and unwavering support.


I enjoy being out in nature with my family, eating way too many tortilla chips, and binge-watching Netflix with my man. 

It is my honor to support your family as you bloom and blossom🌸

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