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Birth Support

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Postpartum Support

What is a Birth Doula?

“The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves" and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.

Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula provides evidenced based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother–baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care.

A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby. Research shows that moms, dads and babies have an easier time with this transition if a good support team is in place.

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“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong."

-Laura Stavoe Harm

About Kassy


Hello, and welcome to Bloom and Blossom!

 My name is Kassy Walter, and I am the founder of Bloom and Blossom. I am a wife, a mother of two, a photographer, and a doula. 


I gave birth to my daughter when I was 22. Pregnancy and birth was not at ALL what I expected! I had a high-risk pregnancy and delivery that left me with some emotional scars. Postpartum was also a difficult adjustment and I felt the pressure to "be ok". For the birth of my son I had a doula, and what a world of difference it made! I still had a high-risk pregnancy, but I was educated, supported, empowered, and could better advocate for myself and my baby. My births were very similar, but how I feel about them is very different.

I have a passion to come alongside families so they may have birth experiences in which they feel supported, educated and empowered; no matter how their babies are born. I believe that having the knowledge to make informed choices in birth shapes who you will be as a mother. I believe that bringing a new baby into your family and becoming a parent is a tender, transformative time and I aim to provide the support needed to ease that transition. 

As of January 2022, I will be joining some amazing doulas at Fresno Birth & Baby. I am so excited for this next step and to work alongside some incredibly gifted women. For more information please visit: Fresno Birth & Baby


I enjoy being out in nature with my family, eating all of the fresh-Central Valley fruit, and binge-watching Netflix with my man. 

It is my honor to support your family as you bloom and blossom🌸



I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I may best support you and your family. I am available by phone, text, or email. Have a wonderful day!

PHONE NUMBER: 559.827.5003


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“My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy of a truly safe, comfortable, and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby.” 

— Marie Mongan
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